Senior Men's Club help


If you are having problems registering for an event, please contact the event’s Tournament Director.

If your GHIN is not recognized, please contact either the Senior Men's Club Adminstrator (Phil Howard) or the Pasatiempo Office to register your GHIN with the club.

For technical issues with this system, please contact the Senior Men's Club (SMC) Webmaster via email or phone: (831) 426-4949.

The Pro Shop staff is able to register you for an event should you be away from your computer.


Browser Settings


Pop-ups are simply new browser windows that are opened by a website. They can be quite annoying if a website abuses this function. We recommend restricting pop-ups to and other trusted websites.


The SMC website requires cookies. If you have not allowed cookies from you will see a warning message and none of the navigation of this system will work!

Cookies are a way for your computer to remember information you entered. Cookies never leave your computer, so they will not harm your computer or reveal any personal information. Most browsers will allow you to restrict which sites may set a cookie, so you can restrict the cookie function if you wish.



Your First Time

Click Login in the menu on the top right of the SMC Welcome page. Your GHIN, no dashes and no blanks, identifies you to the system. Obtain a password from the system by entering your GHIN, checking the Forgot Password box and clicking the Login button. You will receive a temporary password via email in approximately 5-10 minutes. Be sure that your Contacts list as a valid contact.

If you donít receive the email with the temporary password within this timeframe, the email message is most likely in your junk/spam mail folder. Please look there before calling for assistance.

If your GHIN is not registered, you will get an error message. Otherwise, if the password email doesn't show up, it is most likely you have changed your email address since registering with the SMC. See Contacts above to change your email address.

After you receive your temporary password, you use it and enter a "New Password" when you next sign-on.

Forgot Passwords

If you forget your password, simply perform the "Your First Time" procedure.

Note to FireFox users: This browser has the annoying behavior of asking you what user you want to change the password for, even when not changing a password. You can turn off this behavior a number of ways:

Remember Me

You can be Login’ed in automatically by checking the Remember Me box on the Login page. To retain this setting, use Exit when leaving SMC. To change your mind and have the system "forget you", simply click Logout on the bottom of any screen.

GHIN, Password & Role combination is remembered within the system for one year. Using Remember Me with role set to Tournament Director is recommended for Tournament Directors.

The system uses a feature called Sessions to remember your information between pages. Sessions, as implemented here, depend on cookies; if you disable cookies, the system will stop working.


Unless you are a Tournament Director or Pro Shop staff, you can ignore Role. Tournament Directors can Login as either a Member or a Tournament Director, where they will have the ability to manage events.


If you do not Login, you can still see all the events as an anonymous member. You will not be able to register for or cancel from any event.


Event Registration and Cancellation

Once you Login, clicking on an open event will register you for the event or cancel you if you are already registered. In either case, you will have the opportunity to confirm your action. After an event closes, you must contact the Tournament Director to register late or to cancel. If you have to cancel, please do so before the event closes. Cancelling within 24 hours of the event may deny another member the opportunity to participate; you also may be charged for the event.

If you gain priority to an AWAY match by signing up for the HOME match, play in the AWAY match, and subsequently attempt to cancel out of the HOME match, this request will be rejected. You will need to contact the TD to cancel; the current policy of the SMC is to charge you for the HOME match.



The menu, listed at the top right and in blue, is best used to move around the various pages of the system.

Event Pages

Events are listed on two main pages:

Color coding is used to show the status of your event registration:

  • Confirmed
  • Wait List
  • Tentative Wait List
  • Cancelled

My Events

The top half of this page shows the events you are registered for. Clicking on an event link in this section will take you to the Cancellation page.

The bottom half shows the remaining events which are available for registration. Clicking on these event links will take you to the Registration page.

Senior Men’s Club

This page shows all the remaining events which are available for registration. Clicking on these event links will take you to the Registration page.

Viewing Event Rosters

Click on the confirmed number in the Players column to view the event roster.


Event Timeline

Events have a defined timeline, as shown below:

Event PhaseDefinition
Setup:Event is being planned; not open for registration
B4 Reg:Event is not yet open for registration
preWarn:Event is open for registration
Warn:Event is open but has only a few days remaining before closing
1 Day:Event will close within approximately 1 day
Today:Event will close today
Closed:Event is closed; you must contact the TD to register/cancel
Now:Event is closed and underway
Over:Event has concluded
Completed:TD has submitted final roster

Typically, an event closes three days prior to the event date. The Tournament Director may close an event earlier, for example, when an event is already at maximum players and there is a substantial Wait List.



When you register for an open event or match, you will either be immediately registered or placed on a Wait List (see below). Please register as soon as you are able to confirm your availabilty, but not before. If there are too many cancellations towards the end of the registration period, some members will not get to play even though there were slots. Also, late cancellations increase the club's expenses because the food estimates will be too high.

Home & Away

After the Regular Season begins, Future events open at 7PM on the 1st of the month which is at least one month prior to the event. This means some related matches will not open at the same time. When registrating for an Away Match, you will be given the opportunity to concurrently sign up for the Home match, if it still open for registrations, in order to be immediately confirmed for both. When registrating for a Home match and you want to play in the Away match, but the Away match is more than a month in the future, you will need to return to the system when the Away match opens. Priority for these future Away matches is on a first-come, first-served basis, except that those who signed up for the Home match and did not cancel out of the Home match, have priority over those who are just seeking the Away match.


Once you are confirmed registered for an event, you will stay on the confirmed list unless you cancel, with one important exception: If you cancel a HOME match, but are registered for the corresponding AWAY match, your confirmed status for the Away match will be changed to Tentative and you will drop to the Tentative List for the AWAY match.

If you are confirmed in both the AWAY and HOME matches, play in the AWAY match and subsequently attempt to cancel out of the HOME match, the system will reject your cancellation and ask you to contact the Tournament Director, who will then inform you, depending on circumstances, if you will be charged for the HOME match.

After the event closes, the Tournament Director will fill out the roster from the Wait List. At this point, all confirmed players will receive an automatic confirmation email. If more than the maximum players sign-up for an event, there will still be members on the Wait List. These members will also receive an automatic email notifying them that they are still on the event's Wait List.

If a roster position subsequently opens up, the Tournament Director will contact them via phone and the system generates an email. Please make sure the TD has your best contact number (see Member Update below). If you are on an event's Wait List, please continue to monitor your phone and emails.


You may cancel your registration any time up to the day the event closes. If you don't have access to a computer, you may call the Tournament Director or the Pro Shop to cancel; see note above regarding HOME and AWAY matches. After an event closes, only the Tournament Director may cancel your registration.

If you cancel from an event prior to the "Warn" date, it is removed from your events. After the "Warn" date, a cancelled event remains on the "My Events" list, showing as cancelled, so that later you have a record that you did cancel.

Tentative or Wait List

Tentative status for an AWAY match indicates you have not registered for the related HOME match. If you subsequently sign-up for the HOME match, your Tentative status will convert to Confirmed, provided there remains open slots. Wait List indicates that the maximum number of entries has been reached. You will be automatically promoted to Confirmed status if someone cancels or if the Tournament Director is able to increase the number of slots.

When there are both Tentative and Wait Listed players, the Wait Listed players have priority if any slots become available, since they have also signed-up for or played in the related HOME match.

Special Requests

Entered at registration, requests are reviewed by the Tournament Director and honored, where feasible. Special requests are displayed on the event details page reached via the event details button.


Member Update

Members may update their contact information in the SMC system. Click on "Member Update" and follow the directions. Note: Your nformation is strictly confidential and not released/shared with any third party, except for the Pasatiempo office.


"How" Codes

Tournament Directors see how a member's roster status was last changed. If the code starts with "TD-" or "M-", the Tournament Director or Member respectively took the action to make the roster change. The codes and their explanations are:

How CodeExplanation
OpenA slot opened and member was promoted from Wait List
WaitTried to register but there was no slots available
TentRegistered only for AWAY event
OnlyRegistration for an event which has qualifications. For these events, only TDs may register a player
MoveTD used the Move function
FMaxTD increased the Maximum number of players allowing those on Wait List to move to Confirm List
FillTD used Fill function after event closed
LateTD used Register function after Confirmations Sent


Last Update: v3.1 January 4, 2017